Lavish grazing tables ~ feeding the heart.

Welcome to Fox n Company Grazing Table Catering

We are a small boutique grazing table catering company focusing on creating lavish grazing tables for your special event. Whether you are looking to cater an intimate gathering of friends or looking for a unique wedding caterer, we will create a custom grazing experience that is both exquisite and friendly at the same time.

Wedding trends are constantly evolving, and grazing tables are the next big breakthrough in upscale catering. While formal, sit down dinners will always be in vogue, grazing tables are making a grand entrance. The intent is to ignite conversation and put your guests at ease while they graze along a beautiful handcrafted charcuterie board.

This concept is as old as time! Think banqueting house and medieval times, kings and lords displaying their prosperity through abundant table spreads. This style of dining caters to a large or small guest list.

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grazing table catering

Food as Art ~ Art as Food

Fox n Company’s grazing tables will quickly become the social network that pulls an event together. They create conversation and encourage your guests to relax, make new friends, embrace old friendships and linger over exceptional foods.

Grazing tables are all the rage in Australia and have just been introduced into Europe as well. Now Fox n Company can bring this fabulous new way of style and entertaining to your next catered event.

“Fox n Company, thank you. You made my shower AMAZING! Actually, it was so far beyond amazing that “thank you” seems very inadequate.”

~ Andrea

Feed Them and They Will Come

Check out some highlights from our grazing table catering portfolio!

Grazing table catering

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grazing table catering

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grazing table catering

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grazing table catering

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grazing table catering

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Laughter is the brightest where the food is best.

What ARE Grazing Tables?

The beauty of a grazing table is that it brings people together while allowing them to create their own unique feasting experience. Rather than standing in a buffet line dishing the same boring food you’ve eaten at hundreds of other buffets, grazing tables throw conventional rules out the window. Guests mingle and visit while wandering around the table creating unique tastes from the offerings available. While a selection of cheeses and charcuterie often tend to take center stage on a grazing table, we can create and style any type of grazing table you are looking for. Dessert grazing tables are always popular and even vegetarian grazing tables have been making an appearance. Whatever you decide to include in your grazing table, it will be styled beautifully, and will encourage guests to indulge in both conversation and flavor creativity while grazing. 

How does grazing work?

Grazing is simple! Just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Choose your location
  2. Select your food items
  3. Unlock the door for Wanda
  4. Enjoy, Endulge, and Entertain!
grazing table catering

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